Filbert Kung, an internationally renowned photographer currently based in Los Angeles, Miami and New York. He is originally from the Philippines, Filbert has created a name for himself in the glamorous world of Hollywood and across the country.  Kung has been a professional photographer for over fifteen years, navigating the lens, while creating a space for expression and depth in portrait and fashion photography. He also holds the title of Editor at Large for NOW Magazine LA. Filbert is a well-respected and very loved photographer by his peers across the entertainment industry. He is known for his professionalism and ability to capture his subject story with ease. Kung has been able to capture the depth and complexity in photos that icons like Richard Evedon and Annie Leibovitz have portrayed in their work. With his most passionate work of portrait photography, Kung has been able to see a lot in people and the beauty of life as his greatest muse. He is currently is resides in Los Angeles and  Miami but is always traveling coast to coast for work but you can find him creating his one-of-kind personal artistic work in the Rocky Mountain Region, specifically Wyoming and Miami. 

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